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Leptospirosis (or lepto for short) is a deadly bacteria disease spread by wildlife. Lepto has been diagnosed in all types of dogs, and all breeds and sizes are at risk. Common lepto carriers include raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels and rats. Livestock can also carry the disease. Lepto bacteria can survive for long periods in water and on wet grass. The number of canine leptospirosis cases has risen dramatically in recent years. Today, lepto is the number one infectious cause of acute kidney failure in dogs. 

We all know how dangerous lepto can be and how vulnerable dogs are to the disease if they are not vaccinated against it. We a¬ôre also keenly aware that it is a zoonotic disease that can make pet owners pretty sick too. That is why it is a big part of our job to make sure that pet owners are up to speed. This flu-like disease caused by bacteria can be potentially fatal if not treated.Vaccination is one vital step needed to protect your pets and your family.